martes, 18 de noviembre de 2014


I'm a bit disappointed in my-self.
I have this blog completely abandoned and every time the posts have less and less information.
There is a reason thought:
My lovely and dear best lover cannon camera had a lost, its lense died about 6 months ago, which means I have no digital camera, which was the main material I was using for posting.

Enough excuses and back to the posting...
"Clarita in Berlin". It's been already a year since we moved to Berlin.
It's not been an easy year, many transcendental events had happened since then. They had made us stronger and we are still fighting to get our life stabilized in this country.

Germany is not easy, not even for the European community. Just as a tinny example, I've been fighting now for a month in order to get a German health insurance. Dude, I can't understand it: alright, I'm a student (Psychology at UOC, remember?), but I live in Berlin, so please make me a fucking health insuranceeeeeeee!!!! No, they don't get it, I'm Spanish and student, enrolled at a Catalan university, so I must be here temporarily... Well, no matter how many times you explain that studying and working in the present doesn't mean being in the place the institution/company belongs, they don't get it. Laws are lousy and ridiculous. I know it will be all fine hopefully by 2015, but MEN, I wish I'd be paid by the time I'm spending calling them. The funniest thing is that, obviously, I have to pay a monthly fee for the insurance. And 1000 of discussions about the equivalent of the Spanish public health insurance, blablabla. No one seems to understand than in Spain no matters who you are, what do you do, if you pay taxes or not, if you are there for 5 days or 5 years or forever you will always be able to go to the doctor for free, they won't question you, they won't look up at you, they will just fucking nurse you. End of the story.

I recently finished the B1 German language level. Taking a break at the moment, too much info and vocabulary for only 9 months of studying! I'm glad however, I love this language, it's so romantic, it has a solution for everything, there is no "but this is not possible" as I find often answered in the Netherlands. Here, there is place for many conversational Loops. However, I still didn't get to the point of being able to understand the 10 sentences for saying "yes you are right" or "no, I don't agree" or whatever someone wants to say. It "klingt " as serious deep conversations constantly, and that fits me (laughing with irony about my-self... for the non irony catchers). Anyways, I continue with the German in February, B1+ and ich gehe zum B2! I hope by the end of the B2 I can speak a bit faster, now I'm like a retarded 3 year old kit who wants to say any stupid thing it's possible in order to communicate.

I met really nice people during those lessons. They are almost my everything in social live terms.

Then, Laborberlin it's a busy consuming time association and I love it. We have our next event next Sunday the 23rd of November in a location in our hood, Ausland. I'll be presenting the first sketches of my new work. I'm so nervous.

And... PSYCHOLOGY! Every day gets more interesting, getting trained to search and read articles. This semester I took almost a full time schedule. And, of course, my favorite subject is Genetics (I have to admit in a lower tone voice that I also love Psychology of the organizations...). Incredibly I'm dealing very well with statistics. Makes me happy since it will be probably 40% of my future, if I'm lucky, 50%: cases, studies... STATISTICS!!

Tomorrow I'm also starting (as a client) a 10 sessions of coaching. I'm looking forward to see this process from close by and check out if I can really tune my objectives and discard those ones which my heart didn't truly make space for them. More focus: more happiness. That doesn't exclude amazing holidays in Spain or other locations with see. 

And wow... I wish I will always write so much!
Thanks for making it until the end if you have read me, and until the next one!

Now some shity pics from the android:







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